Export Regulations & Cyber Compliance

By Matt Henson What is Cyber Compliance? In the context of this article, “Cyber Compliance” means ensuring the location, access and transfer of export-regulated data in IT networks and systems complies with export regulations. Cyber Compliance requires companies integrate export control requirements into IT architecture, administration and use. Cyber Compliance differs from Cyber Security in that … More Export Regulations & Cyber Compliance

Guy Bursell Shares About the Challenges of Data in the Extended Enterprise Ecosystem

NextLabs partners closely with Siemens to help protect Teamcenter PLM data across the extended enterprise. In the age of Industry 4.0, manufacturing has changed — intellectual property is shared with third party manufacturing partners. NextLabs Enterprise Digital Rights Management solution for Siemens Teamcenter provides the protection organizations need to ensure their intellectual property is secure. Guy … More Guy Bursell Shares About the Challenges of Data in the Extended Enterprise Ecosystem

Europe Benefits As Nextlabs Opens EMEA HQ

NextLabs is very excited to welcome Mark Clark to the team as the Vice President of EMEA Sales.  The significant increase in both internal and external breaches and heightened regulatory requirements have made it essential for companies doing business in the EU to strengthen their data protection policies. Clark has opened NextLabs EMEA headquarters in … More Europe Benefits As Nextlabs Opens EMEA HQ

Changing Face of Data Security

By Sudhindra Kumar, Manager of Software Engineering at NextLabs, Inc.| With the growing adoption of cloud for various business processes, traditional approaches to data security are no longer sufficient to keep enterprise data safe. Gone are the days when all critical information was protected behind a firewall with access restricted to specific clients/devices. IT security teams … More Changing Face of Data Security